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Troubleshooting your alt. device and pods

More information on the alt. device & pods

alt. device no producing vapour

If your alt. is not producing vapour it is important to identify whether the issue is due to the alt. pod or the alt. device.Firstly, check to see if the light on your alt. is still lighting up when you drag. Light is still workingPlease try another

alt. device not charging

It is important to use a 0.5amp charger when charging your alt. If you don't have one, you can buy one here. High amp chargers can damage the charging components in the device leading to the device not working. The light on the alt. illuminates when

alt. device activates when it is not in use

If your alt. is activating when not at use this is a fault and it needs to replaced immediately. Please discontinue using your alt. and contact customer service for a replacement.

alt. device battery is not lasting as long anymore

Lithium ion batteries all lose capacity over time. This is the same as mobile phones. If you have had your alt. for some time it is reasonable to expect a decrease in duration of the battery. However, if your alt. is new and you are experiencing shor

alt. pod and device connection is not stable

If you are noticing connectivity issues between your alt. pod and alt. device please check inside where the alt. pod fits into the device to ensure there is nothing inside the device stopping the contacts from making a connection. If there is nothing

alt. pods are leaking

alt. pods can leak due to rough handling in transit, exposure to sunlight or other heat sources, build up of condensation in the airflow tube and other instances through normal use. It is important to note that a small amount of leakage is not genera

alt. pods appear blocked

If you find it hard to draw from your alt. then the first thing you need to check is the base of the alt. pod and the inside of the alt. device where the pod is inserted into the device. Check for any obstruction that can be caused by foreign materia

alt. pod has liquid inside the sealed pod pack

Liquid on the inside of your sealed alt. pod pack is often due to mishandling during transit. A crushed alt. pod pack can cause liquid to seep into the packaging. Simply clean the alt. pod with a paper towel. Check the alt. pod for liquid inside the

alt. pod tastes burnt but there is liquid in the pod

If your pod has a burnt taste (similar to when an alt. pod is empty) but there is still a lot of liquid in the alt. pod please contact customer service.