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Shipping & Delivery

More information on dispatching, shipping & delivery when shopping with VAPO New Zealand.

6 articles
Returns & Refunds

More information on what to do if you receive a faulty or incorrect product.

4 articles
Account Information

More information on managing your account online

2 articles

Find all the information you need to know about our loyalty program VAPO Club!

20 articles
Vape Battery Safety

More information on staying safe when it comes to your vape device battery

2 categories
Vaping Information

More information on vaping. Learn vaping basics, how to vape, troubleshooting, and helpful tips!

5 categories • 1 article
E-Liquid Information

More information on vape e-liquids/e-juices/vape juices.

16 articles

How to troubleshoot your vape and helpful tips

1 category • 5 articles

More information on subscriptions.

8 articles

More information on our Terms & Conditions and policies

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