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More information on subscriptions.

Why subscribe?

VAPO Subscription is a smarter way to order. Not only do you save a huge 15% off every subscription order, and get free shipping on repeat NZ orders, you never have to run out of your favourite products ever again. Just set up your subscription once

How do I subscribe?

When you select your product, choose the subscribe option. You’ll also be asked to choose your nicotine strength, quantity and order frequency. Head to the checkout and once you’ve completed your purchase we’ll automatically create a subscription for

How do I update my Subscription?

You can edit your subscription, or cancel, at any time with ease. Follow the steps below:. NOTE: To pause or skip your subscription you will need to change your order date to the next time you would like to run. Please keep in mind that the order dat

Can I change my order frequency or pause my subscription?

To PAUSE your subscription, find your subscription in your account and CANCEL your subscription. You will be able to restart the exact same subscription through your account any time after. To SKIP your subscription, find your subscription in your ac

I've accidentally created subscription. What do I do?

If you haven't recieved the order you can cancel your subscription by following the instructions below:. If it is too late and you have already received the product and would like to return it, please contact us customer service team here. Please be

I received a payment failed email

You will receive a payment failed email when your credit card expires, if there are insufficient funds, or if you remove your credit card information from your account. We will re-attempt 3 times (on your selected order frequency date) to place your

I received an out of stock email

We always aim to make sure that our subscription products are in stock as we know how important it is for our customers to get their refills. In the rare instance that the product is out of stock, we will skip your upcoming order. Once the product is

There is a promotion on the product, can I get 15% off on top of the promotion?

Unfortunately, majority of the time our promotions will not be valid with a subscription order. We will state this in the terms and conditions of the promotion.Good thing you get 15% off every subscription order - no need for a promotion when you get