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How to Vape

Information on how to vape and using your vape device

How do I vape? Are you supposed to inhale when you vape?

To start off vaping, make sure first that your coil is primed correctly. Begin inhaling and hold the fire button until you have finished your drag, then let go of the fire button. You never want the device to be firing while not inhaling through it,

How do you prime the coil?

You need to' prime' every time you use a new coil. This is the act of soaking your coil in liquid, which will help preserve the life of the coil and ensure it doesn't burn out prematurely. To prime the coil, drop 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly down t

How do I turn my vape on/off?

Most devices are turned on/off by clicking the fire button 3 or 5 times consecutively. We recommend turning your vape off if you aren't using it to ensure it doesn't accidentally fire while not in use, which can lead to the coil burning out or batter