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Why is vaping a popular alternative to smoking?Updated a year ago

Vaping is popular because it is proven to help smokers transition from cigarettes to a less harmful method of delivering nicotine to the user.

Ex-smokers who used vaping to help kick the habit often describe their journey as pleasant and much more effective than patches or gum. Vaping provides a similar experience without the thousands of deadly carcinogens that cigarettes contain. Another reason why vaping is so popular among ex-smokers is because it tastes a lot better, smells much more pleasant, and does not stick to your fingers or clothes or ruin taste buds as cigarettes do.

In addition to this, vaping is so popular because of the evolution of the devices themselves. Traditional cigarettes were the most effective way of consuming nicotine but in a harmful manner. The latest vaping devices are small, discreet and don’t produce the large amounts of clouds that some larger devices do, which means that people can use them in most places, all the time. These devices will produce a similar amount of vapour as a cigarette does smoke and is much more socially pleasant than the smell of a cigarette burning.

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