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When does e-liquid expire?Updated a year ago

You'll be able to use e-liquid for around 12-24 months without noticing a difference in quality. As a rough rule, generally, vape juice is best when used within one year from the date of manufacture. Outside of that, how long vape juice lasts depends on your device's strength and how often you are vaping. 

How Long Does PG E-liquid Last?
PG (propylene glycol) inhibits the degradation of e-liquid over time. This means that e-liquid with a higher PG content will last longer than e-liquid with a lower PG content. However, it should be noted that this only applies if the e-liquid is appropriately handled and stored.

How Long Does VG E-liquid Last?
VG (vegetable glycerine) vape juice, unlike PG, doesn't prevent degradation over time. However, it won't reach its expiration date any faster. If both e-liquids contain nicotine, they will reach that date around the same time.

Does vape juice expire? Yes, vape juice will eventually expire. Some bottles will have 'best by' or expiration dates listed on them, while others will not. If you purchase one without a date, it's a good idea to write the purchase date on the bottle. This way, you'll easily track how much time you've left before you'd want to discard your e-liquid.

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