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What vape should I buy for beginners?Updated a year ago

The first style of devices we recommend that have a proven track record of helping smokers transition is a closed pod vape such as the alt. Pod Kit or the HAIZ Pod Kit. Closed pod systems are extremely easy to use and the most successful way to transition from cigarettes to vaping. The alt. and HAIZ products provide ex-smokers with a similar satisfaction from smoking but without all the thousands of harmful carcinogens within a cigarette. The devices both consist of a battery and a pod (filled with e-liquid), and that’s it! Simply insert the pod inside the battery and puff away - no batteries, no mess, this makes it the ideal and the very first option to consider when purchasing a first vape.

The second style of vaping devices we recommend is a pen-style starter kit such as the Alpha Starter Pen. Vape pens also simulate a cigarette with a mouth-to-lung draw and gives ex-smokers a similar feeling as when they draw from a cigarette. The Alpha is also refillable which means you’re able to fill it with any juice flavour of your choice and allows you to dictate the nicotine level in your vape. The Alpha Vape Pen also has replaceable coils, unlike closed pod systems, so that means you can keep your tank and replace only the coil. This device is ideal for people who want a classic mouth-to-lung draw and be able to control what flavour and nicotine strength they prefer to kick their cigarette habit! 

The next vape we recommend for beginners is the Flow Vape Kit - this is for someone who is looking to get more intense flavour and big clouds. This simple one-button device makes it ideal for someone who wants a portable kit that provides a fantastic direct-lung draw and amazing flavour production.

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