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What is Vitamin E, and why it isn't used in vaping products?Updated a year ago

There has been a lot of information coming out of the United States regarding lung diseases associated with vaping. The important fact in these stories is that not one case has been attributed to controlled nicotine vaping products.

Vitamin E has been identified as the likely cause of this outbreak of lung disease in the United States. Vitamin E is used as an additive in THC and CBD products to thicken these very thin and oily substances. This makes THC/CBD products easier to use in creams and tinctures.
Some irresponsible and illegal manufacturers have been using this additive in THC/CBD vaping cartridges seemingly unaware of the detrimental health effects it can cause through vaping.


Vitamin E, although completely safe to consume through the digestive system, is extremely toxic to inhale. Vitamin E attaches to the surface of the lungs creating a layer that obstructs the ability of the lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide – quite simply, it stops you from being able to breathe properly.

Nicotine is not an oil so it does not require a thickening agent such as Vitamin E. The viscosity of e-liquid is regulated using propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which to date have not been shown exhibit toxic effects when inhaling.

We can categorically confirm that there is no use of Vitamin E in any of our vaping products because there is simply no need to use Vitamin E in nicotine vaping liquids. All ingredients used in our vaping products are carefully procured by our team headed by scientists with pharmaceutical, chemistry and bio-chemistry qualifications. Further, we use laboratories in the United Kingdom to emissions test our products and ensure we are continually keeping up with the latest science from around the world.

Our goal is not only to meet the highest international standards for nicotine vaping products but to have the cleanest vaping products in the world.

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