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What is Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping?Updated a year ago

Direct-to-lung vaping has risen in popularity since the invention of electronic cigarettes. A direct-to-lung vape tends to have much more airflow than a mouth-to-lung vape and can produce vast amounts of vapour! Because the devices produce much more vapour each time you inhale, you will need to have lower amounts of nicotine, or it will result in a harsh vape. We recommend 6mg nicotine level max for direct-to-lung kits. An advantage of direct-to-lung vape is much better flavour from your tank and massive clouds if that's what you're into!

For beginner straight to lung vape enthusiasts, we recommend the VAPO Flow Kit which can be found here.

VAPO have more information on choosing the right vaping device for you.

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