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What is a good wattage to vape at for beginners?Updated a year ago

Wattage is a simple measure of the power used with an electronic cigarette and with some devices you’re able to adjust the wattage to your liking. The adjustments made will determine how much power your vape will use and how warm and dense or light and smooth your vapor production will be.

Wattage will vary from device to device and most people will have a different preference on what to set their wattage to on their device. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you say in between the wattages the coil manufacturer specifies. For example, the Vaporesso GT Core GT2 0.4ohm coil recommends that you the wattage is best for this coil between 55w-65w. This recommendation allows you to understand which wattage gets the most out of this coil, however you may wish to use this coil at 25w for example which is completely fine, as it does not go over the recommended 65w. Adjustable wattage allows you to completely customize the heat and density of your vapour production to your liking!

Different nicotine levels will help you determine which wattage to use as well. For example, nicotine salts should NEVER be used with sub-ohm coils as those coils will provide far too much power and will provide an unpleasant experience. Nicotine salts should be used with high resistance coils such as 1.2ohms and the recommended wattage will generally be between 11-14w depending on the coil. Sub-ohm coils with a lower resistance are suited best for freebase nicotine such as 3mg which can be vaped at higher wattages such as 55w depending on the coil.

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