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What is a good vape for beginners?Updated a year ago

The VAPO team highly recommends closed pod systems for beginners looking to kick the habit of cigarettes! The alt. Pod Kit has a proven track record of being one of the best solutions for anyone looking to switch from cigarettes. 

The alt. Pod Kit and Replacement Pods are easily accessible - available in over 2500 stores throughout New Zealand. You can find the alt. Pods and kits in most places where cigarettes are available, including, but not limited to; Pak’n’Save, New World, Four Square, Liquorland, Countdown, Fresh Choice, Z Fuel stations, BP Fuel, Mobil and Caltex, along with dairies/convenience and liquor stores.

The alt. Pod Kit is one of the easiest vapes to use. Simply insert the pod in the battery and inhale! No button, no mess, no fuss. The battery simply charges via Micro USB. When the liquid in your pod is finished, simply replace this pod and vape on.

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