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How to charge your vape correctlyUpdated a year ago

Use the correct charger for your device. Each device comes with a charging cable. It is very important to connect your charger to a suitable wall plug. DO NOT USE HIGH AMP WALL CHARGERS. Wall chargers such as those used to fast charge Samsung phones are NOT suitable for charging device. The amp output on the wall plug should be no more than 1-2 amps depending on what mod you are using. Check your device instruction manual to ascertain the level of amps it can handle. If you're not sure please ask us by getting in touch or just use a 0.5 amp wall charger.

Top 5 tips to keep your vape alive:

  1. Use an appropriate wall-to-USB adaptor.
  2. If possible, plug the vape into a laptop, PC, or gaming console.
  3. Do not overcharge.
  4. Do not use while charging or damaged.
  5. Only use authentic hardware.
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