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How do I choose the right e-liquid for me?Updated a year ago

Here at VAPO, we offer a large variety of different and delightful flavours that will satisfy anyone and everyone! Choosing the right flavour is important for a positive vaping experience, and everyone has different tastes and preferences, so where do you begin?

First, you must decide what sort of e-liquid suits your device best. Different e-liquids are suitable for different devices. Nicotine salts are suitable for pod systems and mouth-to-lung devices only. Freebase e-liquid can be used in any device, although you have to be careful of the VG/PG ratios, as the thicker you go, the faster you may burn out your coils. 

Next, you’ll need to decide what nicotine strength you prefer. If you are/were a heavy smoker who smokes 15+ cigarettes a day, then 25-35mg in nicotine salts is what you’re after, with a pod vape or mouth-to-lung device. If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, then you’re looking for either low nicotine strength nicotine salts e-liquid like 10-15mg or a low-medium strength freebase e-liquid such as a 3mg-9mg, depending on your device. You can also check out our Nicotine Level Guide.

Finally, you’ll need to decide what sort of flavour you enjoy and get the most out of your vaping experience. Do you want a flavour similar to the cigarette taste you’re accustomed to? Great! Go for a tobacco flavour, such as the V E-liquid Gold Tobacco, to satisfy your cravings. Looking for a tasty and mouth-watering fruity flavour? Awesome! Go for a fruity flavour such as the V Strawberry E-Liquid. Would a creamy dessert flavour do the trick? Fantastic! Go for the Vapetasia Killer Kustard. How about something icy and gives you the perfect blend of flavour and menthol? Try giving the Iced POP! Vapors Juicy Mango Strawberry a go. 

Everyone has different preferences of taste, so head over to your nearest VAPO store and try out some flavours on our VAPO Testing Stations so you can try them before you buy! Alternatively, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team for advice or recommendations!

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