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How do I choose the right coil for my vape?Updated a year ago

A coil is the piece responsible for heating up the e-liquid and vapourising it. A coil is a fairly simple mechanism. It’s constructed from a coiled wire which is surrounded by cotton.

There are plenty of coils that VAPO offers which will suit the needs of all customers! Every tank is different which means different tanks use different coils but most manufacturers generally follow the same rules. 

The tank that you are using requires you to select coils that are designed specifically for that tank which means that there are no universal coils that fit every tank. The manufacturer for your tank will generally provide more than one option of coils that have different resistances which is an electrical measurement and is measured in ohms. In simple terms, the resistance of your coils determines how quickly/slowly your coil will heat up. Low resistance coils (for example 0.15ohms) produce warmer vapour and larger clouds which are better suited for direct-lung vapers, whereas high resistance coils (for example 1.2ohms) produce a cooler vape which is more ideal for mouth-to-lung vapers. 

We recommend high resistance coils, such as 1.2ohms, for e-liquid which contains high strength nicotine such as nicotine salts and low resistance coils, such as 0.2ohms for freebase e-liquid.

See our Coil Compatibility Chart for more info on what coils work with your device.

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