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Vape Battery Safety for Advance Kits, Vape Mods & External Batteries

Information relating to vape devices that require additional batteries.

Battery safety tips for advance kits & vape mods

IMPORTANT BATTERY SAFETY:. Misusing or mishandling lithium-ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury or property damage. RESPONSIBILITY IS ALWAYS ON THE PURCHASER AND USER:. VAPO  is not responsible for any damage to the battery produc

How to charge your external batteries

Always use a charger made to charge the types of batteries being charged.Double check that the settings for the charger are correct for the batteries being charged.Ensure that the charging leads are correctly connected. Always charge lithium-ion batt

How to handle & store your external batteries

Keep lithium-ion batteries well out of reach of children.Do not put loose batteries in pockets or bags where they can short circuit.Do not store or transport batteries where they can come into contact with sharp or metallic objects.Do not store your

How to dispose of your external batteries

Never throw your battery in the trash! Please recycle it or bring it to a hazardous waste disposal site.Many electronics or home improvement stores and vape shops will accept your batteries for recycling.

Why using your batteries in pairs is important

Batteries should always remain in pairs. Therefore if the device is a dual-battery device, there should be a pair of batteries that are always used together - not 3 batteries alternating.

When to replace your Lithium battery

It is time to replace your battery when you experience any one of the following indicators: physical damage, dents or deep scrapes, leaking fluid or an unusual smell, rust / rust spots, swelling or changes to shape, earlier and more frequent “low bat

How to charge your batteries safely

Some devices offer on-board charging meaning you can charge the batteries within the device itself. Check to see if your device offers this as some devices have USB inputs purely for firmware updates only, not charging. Attempting to charge through f

How to check your batteries for damage regularly

Your batteries must be kept in perfect condition. Any battery that has damage to the body itself (dents, scratches, marks on the metal) should be safely disposed or replaced.Batteries always have a wrap on them. An unwrapped battery will be silver in

Why using a battery case helps protect your batteries

If you are travelling with your batteries we highly recommend using a battery case to keep your batteries safe. The worst possible thing is to put loose batteries in you pocket with things like keys which, if angled in the wrong position, can cause y

Why buying quality and authentic batteries is important

Be aware of counterfeit batteries. Look out for brands such as SONY (VTC range), Samsung and LG as these are reputable brands and their batteries are great. Efest is a brand to watch out for as they often overstate the capacity and/or amps on the out